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By using the 'Messages' tab the user can create new Messages, view, edit or delete them.


Using the “Create Messages” quick menu the user can create new messages or view, edit and delete existing messages.

Creating a new message


When the user creates message different types of messages and content can be set. This feature requires the integration of the Bitplaces "Toolbox" framework. The following message types, which differ in the graphical representation and the use of the routing function to the location, can be selected:

  • Announcement

  • Offer

  • Alert

  • Promotion

  • Ticket

In addition, you can select the following content types:

  • Text

  • Link

  • HTML

Message types

Creating a Text Message

MSG create

MSG create

A link message will open the entered URL inside the application.

Creating an HTML message

MSG create

The content of an HTML message can be created and adapted in a WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Setting the push content to a message

MSG create

If no push message content is defined, the app user receives only an inbox message without push notification (background notification) Emojis can be selected and sent via the push notification.

Setting the title of a message

MSG create

The title of a message will appear in the message overview of the app, as well as in the message itself, as the heading of message body.

Setting the body of a message

MSG create

The message body is displayed in the message view of the app and is the main content of each message. It can take various formats, such as text, HTML, or the form of an URL that links directly to external content.

The image of a message

MSG create

The “Upload Image” button creates a pop-up window that allows the user to attach an individual picture to the message, either by uploading a new or selecting an existing image. This image is displayed in the message view of the app. (single message view)

Assigning labels to a message

MSG create

Under "Labels" the message can be provided with individual labels. These labels provide a group mechanism for Bitplaces and Messages, which e.g. belong to the same marketing campaign. Events and messages can then be evaluated and analyzed based on which campaigns the respective Bitplaces and/or Messages belong to.

Save settings

MSG create

The 'Save' button saves the message settings.

Assign a message to a Bitplace

MSG create

The button "Manage Bitplaces" generates a pop-up window that allows you to assign a message to a Bitplace.

MSG create

The message is delivered to this Bitplace when the app user triggers events defined in the message- and bitplaces settings.

Other Settings

MSG create

The Configure Settings button brings the user to additional settings.

Location-based Messages features

MSG create

The option "Location Dependent" offers different setting options for sending messages to specified locations.

Interests tags

MSG create

This message setting allows the selection of interest tags that are displayed in the app and can be selected by the app users. The interest tags allow sending a targeted message to app users with matching content.

MSG create

You can set different rules for the date, time, and period to send messages.

One can choose if the message should be send immediately after the triggering event occured, after a specified time passed by or even enter a precise time of the day.

In addition, the user can set, on which days and at what time the message should be 'active'; E.g. if the message is to be sent only during specific opening times or on specific weekdays. A start and end date can also be set here so that the message is not sent before and afterwards. If no start date is defined, the message is active immediately after saving.

Changing the settings in the field “Time Settings” (Immediately, All day, no start date, no end date) is optional.

Setting the event trigger of a message

MSG create

The primary message settings let the user define if the message should be sent to the app-user when he enters the Bitplace connected to this message (BitplaceIN), or when he exists this Bitplace (BitplaceOUT), or after the app-user remains in this Bitplace for a chosen amount of minutes (Stay).

Setting the delivery time

MSG create

Under "Delivery Time", the user can choose whether to send a message immediately after the occurrence of the selected event, specify a specific time delay or also an exact time of the day.

Changing the settings “Message Settings”, (BitplacesIN) is optional.

The Inbox settings

MSG create

The "Inbox Settings" pop-up allows you to specify how long the message should be displayed in the user’s inbox (Message Lifetime) and whether a message is sent to the same user more than once.

Settings for the number of messages

MSG create

Under "Number of messages", the user defines the time interval in which the message is to be sent and how many of these messages are to be sent per Bitplace and in total.

App specific settings

MSG create

Under "apps" you can define / change to which apps the message is to be assigned. Changing the settings in the field, “Application Settings” is optional.

Creating a new Local broadcast message

With the radio button "At a specific time" the user can create a new local broadcast message. So you can specify whether the local broadcast message should be sent immediately or at what date and at what time.

Assign a Bitplaces and send a local broadcast

MSG localbroadcast

Created the user a local broadcast, he can assign it to a Bitplace using the "Bitplace manage / assign" button. All app users that are in this Bitplaces will receive the broadcast immediately (default) or later, depending on the time and date settings in the “Time settings”. You can also use the "Select users" button to filter message recipients based on their interests that they have selected in the app.

Creating a new broadcast message

MSG broadcast

“Configure Settings” allows the user to create a new broadcast message or to define already created messages as a broadcast message.

Setting Properties of a broadcast message

After activating the broadcast radio button, you can change the following settings of the broadcast message:

MSG broadcast

"Interests tags" defines whether the broadcast is be sent only to app users, which have selected certain interests in the app. "Starting Time" defines if the shipment is immediately (default) or later, depending on the time and date settings will be made. In addition, it is possible to determine the lifetime of the message in the app’s inbox and to select the apps to which the message has to be sent.

Show, edit and delete existing messages


In the message list view you can activate messages using the corresponding action buttons, view, edit or delete.