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The Analytics part is divided into two areas:

  • Bitplaces Analytics

  • Message Analytics

Analyzing visits, visitors and visitors frequencies


The "Analytics" menu item offers a variety of widgets, which display standard information differently and which can be customized with the help of setting options.


When analyzing bitplaces, the graph can be customized to show visits, visitors, app users, visit frequency, the number of new and returning visitors, and the dwell times for selected time periods, bitplaces, operating systems, and apps. Activating the checkbox "Comparison to the previous period" displays or disables the alternative data in the selected widget. Visitor frequency widgets and the dwell time give a deep insight into the selected locations.


Positive or negative percentages in the “Visits” column provide a quick view of the performance of a location. The analysis of individual bitplaces in detail is possible after clicking on the analysis button in the table view of the bitplaces.


Shown is there in addition the current number of active users and a 12 hours summary overview of the selected Bitplace.

Selecting analysis period


The fastest results are obtained by selecting one of the predefined time periods. Choose from 'Today', 'Last Day', 'Last 7 Days', 'Last 14 Days', 'Last 30 Days', 'Last Calendar Week' and 'Last Calendar Month'.

In addition, there is the possibility to select the time period individually.

Selecting analyze granularity: hour, day, week, month


Each selected time span can be displayed in different granularities.

For short periods, the setting 'hour' makes the most sense and is only available for the selection "today" and "yesterday". For longer periods (from one week) the setting "Day" or "Week" should be selected.

Selecting the mobile app releases to be analyzed


A further refinement of the evaluation can be done by selecting the app release. The user can choose his own releases, from his partner or a combination of both to evaluate bitplaces events and messages in a given period of time.

Selecting the bitplaces to be analyzed

The user can either analyze all bitplaces at a time, or only view bitplaces relevant to him. These can be selected individually or by campaign affiliation..

Analyzing all Bitplaces

By default, all bitplaces are included in the overall analysis of the 'Tools and Analytics' tab.

Analyzing campaigns

The Campaign selection list allows the user to select all the bitpaces associated with a particular campaign. If he clicks on "Refresh Visit Report" after selection, only the analysis of the events and messages of the corresponding campaign will be displayed.

Analyzing sent, push and read messages


After clicking the Messages button, the graphics show the number of sent messages and sent push messages for selected time periods, messages, and apps. The information is displayed in different widgets and it additionally allows a comparison with the results of the previous period. The click rate (CTR) represents the ratio between the sent and the read messages. Push CTR refers exclusively to the sent push messages.


The CTR widget shows how the click rate has evolved over a period of time and allows you to compare to the previous time period.

The message distribution graph summarizes information about sent, read, and pushed messages, and it also compares them with a previous period of time.


The tabular view and the representation of percent changes in the reference period allow a quick overview of the success or failure of a sent message.

Selecting period, granularity and app release for the message analysis

As with the Bitplace analysis, it is also possible to use analysis time, analysis granularity, and mobile app releases for message analysis.